Thursday, April 08, 2010

~Now I just need fabric~

I just got One-Yard Wonders from Wow, this book is chock full with projects that I want to do! Unlike most knit/crochet/sewing/craft books that are about $20 and have one project that I'm interested in, this book actually has quite a few projects that I hope to get around to.

This is my favorite project in the book, I think I gasped when I saw it for the first time:

And this smock would be perfect for canning projects:

There are 101 projects in all. I won't be doing all 101 projects, but I have quite a few to choose from!


Kim said...

I find cheap fabric at 2nd hand and charity shops. I use vintage (but still in good condition) cotton bedsheets for a lot of things. I also often find new unused fabric there. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the "One Skein Wonders" books? Sue

Tammy said...

Sue, I've seen several books that have patterns for just one skein of yarn, so I'm not sure if I've seen that book or not.