Friday, June 25, 2010

~Tin Roof Sundae~

Shortly after we were married, Kevin and I discovered Tin Roof Sundae ice cream. I didn't think I would like it because it has peanuts in it, but we got some anyhow, and I was hooked.

Tin Roof Sundae is made with vanilla ice cream, swirls of chocolate, and chocolate-covered peanuts.

We haven't had this ice cream in years...ever since we moved from California! It just isn't in the stores here. But! I was shopping the other day and guess what I found? You guessed it! Tin Roof Sundae ice cream! Of course it came home with me!

I was thinking about ice cream and how even though I like ice cream I never buy it when I'm grocery shopping. There are some things that just never occur to me, and this is one. I could put it on my list (occasionally!) and we would have a treat waiting in the freezer. But I just don't buy it and don't think to buy it until I'm craving ice cream! And then we have to make a special run to the store for it! I guess it is a good thing because if we have to make a separate trip, we sometimes just don't. So we don't eat ice cream that often.


Joyce's Ramblings said...

For me its a way to get dairy in my diet. Don't drink to much milk.

Anonymous said...

I loved tin roof sundae ice cream when I was younger. hadn't had it in years either. :) enjoy!

Open Roads Mama said...

Similar situation here, we're just not all that into ice cream at home - but we do enjoy getting a scone with a scoop or 2 when we're out :)