Tuesday, November 23, 2010

~Blogger Meetup~

I have "known" Melody of With the Fruit of Her Hands for a long time. I started reading her blog over five years ago. When someone you know online lives a long distance away you don't really expect to ever meet them. So I was very pleased to have the chance to meet Melody!

We met up yesterday for lunch, and ended up chatting for quite a while! As I was on my way home, my husband called to make sure I was still alive, I was gone that long. ;-)

Melody is a lovely Christian woman and I so enjoyed our visit! I'm hoping we can meet up again in the future!


sheridan said...

Totally & completely overwhlemed with jealousy!

Cause I wanna meet both of you! *pouts and stomps feet*

(julied from PAI)

sheridan said...

And please forgive me for switching letters in overwhelmed.

Susan said...

Oh!!! I'd love to meet Melody! I'm glad you two got to meet. I'd forgotten she was near you right now. She lives near my parents, so I'm hoping to meet her someday when we're visiting out there. :)

Melody said...

It was so nice to be able to meet you, Tammy! I thoroughly enjoyed it!!!

Sarah said...

Tammy! I went to college at the same school her husband did (and I think she went there too...she looks really familiar!). Small world! :)

Tammy said...

Sarah, Janelle knows her from college. :-)