Monday, November 01, 2010

~Stitched Notebook Tutorial~

This is a fun little project. Maybe tutorial isn't the right word, perhaps crafting inspiration would be a better way to describe this post? Whatever term you choose, I hope you enjoy crafting a notebook! It is relatively easy, and if you are a scrapbooker, bonus! You'll be more imaginative than me. :-)

You'll need:
a spiral-bound notebook, with a light-weight cover (I got mine at the dollar store)
card stock
scrapbook paper or any other decorative paper
ribbons, buttons, or flowers
a sewing machine
scrapbook glue
Tacky glue for adding buttons or flowers

My notebook:

Papers and ribbon:

Using scrapbook glue, put glue on your notebook cover, close to the edges.

Press your cover down on the card stock.

Cut around the notebook cover, using the cover as your guide.

Cut and arrange your papers and ribbons (I created my saying in a Word document and printed it on a nice piece of paper):

I sewed along the edge, and used zigzag stitches to hold the ribbon in place. To help hold your stitches in place, use a needle to thread the tail, bring the thread from the top through to the back (through the first stitch hole). Tie threads in a knot and cut. (This picture shows the knot at the straight stitching which did not need to be threaded to the back since it was right by the edge).

One at a time, glue each paper in place, then sew around the edge as desired. Note: this will dull your needle, so you'll want to use a new needle next time you sew with fabric. You can use an old needle for your paper crafting and save it if you plan on doing a lot of sewing through paper! :-)

After I got everything stitched, I decided it needed a little something more so I added a button with ribbon.

This notebook is available in my shop. Here are a few others that I did, as gifts:


Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

These are very cute! I don't think I can work my sewing machine to make it look that nice.


randi said...

this is so cute! perfect for fun little gifts!

Susan said...

Cute notebook! This will definitely make me take note...