Thursday, December 02, 2010

~Christmas Napkins~

I've been sewing up a storm lately, and I'll be sharing my projects that I've been working on over the next few days! :-)

This year we're having Christmas at our house, and Kevin's side of the family will be here to celebrate Christmas with us. I'm looking forward to them being here.

I haven't bought paper napkins for well over a year now. With company coming, I needed to add to my cloth napkin collection, so we will have enough napkins.

So I did:

I thought this fabric was festive, and I already had it in my fabric bin! I got six napkins out of the piece. Perfect for using up a piece of fabric I bought about 8 years ago!

I had to look back at my tutorial to see how to do the corners. :-)


sheridan said...

I passed your tutorial on to my sister cause she was looking at the napkins we used for Thanksgiving and was wondering how they turned the corners.

She said it was exactly what she was looking for.

Just so you know... you rock!

Tammy said...

Yay, glad it was a help. =)