Sunday, December 05, 2010

~First Christmas~

The following poem was written by my friend Kristi, who gave me permission to republish this on my blog. Kristi is a mom to four - one here on earth with her and three waiting for her in heaven. If you have gone through loss, I'm sure you will find her blog very uplifting. I know that I have! Please visit her blog and look through her past posts and the links she's provided.

As I read this, tears poured freely but joy abounded in my heart. Very bittersweet...I wouldn't want to take my baby from the glorious place called Heaven...but I sure do miss my little one!

First Christmas

I hear that on the Earth below
This is a special season
With lights and songs and gifts and such,
And Jesus is the reason!

In the place I would have lived
Are strings of light that blink and shine,
But you should see the light up here
That glows from Jesus all the time!

In the place I would have lived
Carols play, and special songs,
But you should hear the music that
The angels sing here all day long!

In the place I would have lived,
Gifts are giv’n on Christmas Day,
But you should feel the joy we feel
Because God’s gift is here to stay!

In the place I would have lived,
Tears have flowed because I’m gone.
My family wishes I were there
To see and hear and feel it all.

But in this place where I now live,
It’s Christmas all day, all year long,
And the sights and sounds I’d see with them
Are pure, unblemished by all wrong.

So on this day that would have been
My first Christmas on the Earth,
Mama, Daddy, you need to know
I’m celebrating Jesus’ birth!

When you sing songs to worship Him,
I’m singing with the angels, too.
I’m never closer than when we all
Praise Him for our life anew.

I know that life began for me
Sooner than you thought it would.
I know your hearts are hurting now,
And you would change things if you could.

But in this place, where you’ll come, too,
We’ll be together, forever.
And there will be no more good-byes
When we celebrate Christmas in heaven – together!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that was absolutely beautiful. What hope we have to one day be reunited with our little ones. I am the mother to 3 precious blessings on precious little #4 went to be with the Lord in October. Thank you for sharing this wonderful poem.

Joyce's Ramblings said...

This poem gives a voice to the lost child. Such a sweet message.

Sarah Joy said...

So very beautiful. Thank you Tammy!

Melody said...

Tammy, I wasn't expecting this this morning. What a powerful poem. What a thought......

Tammy said...

Julia, I'm so sorry for your recent loss. :(

Melissa Joy said...

I cry every time I read Kristi's poem...