Tuesday, January 04, 2011

~Again and Again~

Do you know that feeling you get as a homemaker, that you do the same things over and over again? Some tasks feel like you're on a treadmill or something! Dishes, laundry, sweeping the floor...didn't I just do that? and it's time to do that again?

Well, for one load of towels, I didn't even get a chance to use them and yet I've had to wash them three times over! Wash #1, because they were dirty of course. Wash #2, because *blush* I left them in the washer too long. Wash #3, because when they finally made it up the stairs, my daughter took the basket, dumped the towels on my sparkling clean, er, not-so-very-clean kitchen floor and took off with the basket over her head.

So that's the story of my towels. Yes, enthralling, I know. ;-)


Melody said...

That happens around here pretty frequently. ;) Only here, the towels become superhero capes, dresses, bibs, pretend diapers, or leashes for plastic puppy dogs. Or one will sit in the basket and push the others around. Towels not necessary but fun if included.

Jessica said...

I'm afraid I've let my towels sour in the washing machine too many times to count since I've been married...though I do have an excuse...the washer is in the cold garage so it's easy to forget about!

I replied to your comment on my blog, but yes, I still have and like my iron. =)

Mrs. Bob said...

oh yes. happens here too! :)

Ashley said...

Oh boy can I relate to the towels sitting too long in the washer :-) And while I don't yet have children, our cats just LOVE to curl up in a basket full of any newly cleaned clothes or towels. Oi!

Tammy said...

Ashley, I wouldn't want cat hairs on my kitchen towels. Clothes are not so bad but towels would definitely get rewashed if that happened here! (Not that we have a cat)

Melissa Joy said...

Hah, I love this! Way to go, darling daughter. :) Hehe.
I know the repetition feeling about homemaking. I am learning to embrace it, but sometimes redundancy can overwhelm. :)
I read an excellent book about this called "Keeping House: The Litany Of Every Day Life." I highly suggest it! Wish I could just lend it to you (although it's actually lent to another friend currently). Definitely get a copy if you can, or ask your library to get it. :)