Sunday, February 20, 2011


We my daughter is now the proud owner of a blue plastic dinosaur. When we ask her where she got it, she says (in a tone to let us know that she knows we know where it came from), "the dock-tor".

Ah, yes. We do know. We paid for that dinosaur; in fact, we paid enough for hundreds of them. ;-) But the dinosaur really wasn't the point of the doctor visit! Her health was.

We've had sickness in our house for a while, going into our 4th week now! The virus we caught was a nasty bug, hanging on ferociously. After 8 days of fever though, we did start to worry that something else was going on. So we trekked to the "dock-tor". While there, we were very pleased to discover that: our daughter did not have a fever, there was no problem to be found in her ears, throat, glands, or lungs. Which of course, is the news that we wanted to hear. The doctor even questioned our thermometer (YES it does work, thankyouverymuch, and I took her temperature with other thermometers as well.)

If only we'd waited just one more day. Her fever was completely gone today. She's still sick though, just not with a fever. Ahhhhh....such is life. I'm just so thankful there wasn't an underlying problem!

Now to get 100% well and stay away from other germs! :-)


Sarah Joy said...

That's happened to us too! Glad she's doing better.

Charity said...

Cute! Isn't it funny the things kids will pick from "prize boxes?" :) Glad she is recuperating!

emerrube said...

glad her fever is gone and that she's doing better!

Melody said...

That sounds like the bug that our Anna had. It is not fun! Glad to hear your little one is getting better!

Sarah said...

SOOO funny! We have a little bear that came from the emergency room that I call our "Thousand Dollar Bear". :P Like you, if we had waited just ONE more day...urgh! It gets so scary though and you don't want to become that "one" who waited just a little too long. I guess the old adage is true, "better to be safe than sorry" ;)Hope you guys feel better soon!

Tammy said...

Thank you! She is doing better, though still sick. :-( No fever since Sunday though!

Charity, she had a choice only in what color dinosaur to bring home!

Sarah, that is too funny about what you call the bear.