Tuesday, February 15, 2011


These last three weeks have been filled with sickness. A lingering sickness for each one of us, spaced about a week apart. Thus the lack of blog content.

I have exciting news (well, it's exciting news for me anyhow! LOL)! My hard work and penny pinching paid off and I am now the proud owner of a new-to-me sewing machine. I was in the market for a brand-spankin'-new sewing machine, but as I got closer to amount I would need for my new machine, I called a dealer and asked if they had anything used in my price range that would be a higher-end machine. And they did! After looking it over and trying it out I took it home with me. [Insert wild cheers and dancing here.]

I still have to get some foot issues worked out. I bought a walking foot but it doesn't work for my machine, so I have to take it back. I also want to get a rolled hem foot. But I'm very happy with it. Oh, it's a Husqvarna Viking #1. I'll be posting pictures soon. :-)

I did shed a tear or two when I had the thought, "I can't wait to tell my grandma about my new machine!"...only to realize a split second later that I can't call her...I know she would have been happy for me to get a new machine.

And moving on...apparently I can count but I cannot add. I haven't been able to go out grocery shopping so dinner tonight was a Taco Bell run. I counted my items and came home. As I divvied up the items I realized that I was missing an item. I counted again...had the correct number...and then realized I hadn't added correctly. Duh...

I just finished reading Daddy-Long-Legs by Jean Webster. Such a sweet, sweet book. I wish that a good movie would be made based on this book. I've attempted (two minutes? maybe) to watch a Mary Pickford version, and the Fred Astaire version veers sharply from the book so that disappoints as well.

And...I'm done rambling. ;-) Have a lovely day!


Susan said...

I can't wait to see pictures of your new machine! I know how it feels to suddenly remember that your loved one isn't there anymore to tell exciting things to. The tears will come, but the Lord does bring comfort, too.

emerrube said...

yay on the new machine! hope you all feel better soon

Sarah said...

Good for you Tammy!! I am sure you will make beautiful things with it. I can relate with the memory of your Grandma...when those who have invested so much into who we are, you can't help but miss them terribly.