Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Wow, I just cannot believe it is only five days until Christmas! Where has December gone????!!! I remember back to when I was growing up, and how five days till Christmas just seemed tortuously long. Now it's nothing.

This year we're staying home for Christmas. Maybe next year we'll make the trek to California for Christmas. We'll see! I want to go sooner than that though, because it has been too long since we've seen my family! :(

As Christmas nears, I'm thinking of my grandma more and missing her more. The last Christmas we went to California (2009) was her last Christmas here on earth. She always worked so hard to make Christmas special for her family! I think Christmas was her most favorite time of year! Now she's in heaven, with Jesus! The One Who we are celebrating, and she is with Him.

I hope you have a blessed Christmas!


Deb said...

It is definitely hard to believe that it's Christmas week, and the day is almost here! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! My sister just arrived this evening for a week and then will take my mom back with her to SC. We have some fun days planned while she's here! Merry Christmas!

emerrube said...

Merry Christmas. :) Not like you haven't heard that from me yet. :)