Thursday, January 05, 2012


Kevin calls me an "anti-hoarder". Especially after we watch shows like "Hoarding: Buried Alive".

So yesterday when we were talking, somehow my storing-boxes-that-stuff-comes-in habit came up. I store them (the empty boxes) in our attic stairway, in case we need to return the item. Thinking back I have to say that I can't remember actually needing a box, ever. I admitted that I needed to go through them and put some in recycling. Then I said, "I should mark the date on them so I only keep them a year". And then it totally hit me and I cracked up laughing - this whole practice of keeping boxes is something that old folks would do, not someone in their mere 30's.

Kevin just thinks it is funny that I will hang on to empty boxes, yet toss out (or donate, or sell) perfectly good items, just because I'm not using them at the moment.

I'm currently in a clean out, organizing mood, and I'll address those boxes that are piling up in the attic stairwell. Soon. But only the ones that are older than a year. ;-)


sheridan said...

We move so often that it is nice to have the original box. I finally got tired of toting around my (big)crockpot box and tossed it since my (little) crockpot had fared well without its original box. My big crock cracked in our last move.

I got a new one for Christmas and the box is out in the garage with all the other boxes. :) Nothing wrong with saving boxes for a while...

Deb said...

Well, we've moved enough times in our marriage that it's paid us well to have boxes saved for certain items. So we're in the habit. Now, we save every box that arrives to have for packaging up my daughter's soaps she mails out and my mom's baskets that she mails out. They're stacked up in our former schoolroom (rec room/computer room over the garage), and I just have to grin and bear the clutter for awhile!

Tammy said...

Saving for moving is a good idea, though certainly not what I had in mind when I was stashing them in the attic stairwell. I don't think we'll be moving any time soon, so I probably will not keep them for that purpose.

Reusing for packaging is a good idea! I've had times when I needed a box and I never thought to look at my stash of boxes. Silly me! :)

Arlene said...

My hubby is a box-keeper, as well. I think he'd keep a lot more of them if we didn't live in an apartment and had somewhere to really stash them. We have the box from the tv which has been lying under our son's bed ever since we bought the tv 3 years ago lol. I don't push the issue, though, since that's the only one we have stashed away now anyway. :P I like the 1 year idea.