Monday, January 02, 2012

~Children's Books~

I wanted to highlight two books that I got for my daughter recently. They are older books which have been republished. The drawings are black and white and the wording is simple and fun - short enough for a toddler to listen to but still enjoyable for an older child to read too.

If Everybody Did - imagining the consequences of what would happen if everyone picked buds or went without hats or "mashed hash".

They Didn't Use Their Heads - what happens when you don't use your head - what you should do instead. For instance, "Ruthie liked to run, but she didn't use her it wasn't any fun." (She ran into a tree!) And then the advice: "Your eyes go with your feet."

The first book is more silly than the second - mostly exaggerating to make a point.

I got these books before Thanksgiving, and my brother was here over Thanksgiving. He saw these books and got excited about them because these were books we had when he was little. As a result, he read them several times to my daughter. :) Since I had read them many times to my siblings, I knew I wanted them for my daughter.

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Holly said...

I love these books, but had forgot all about them. We didn't have them when I was young, but I read them to our sibblings and enjoyed them just the same! I need to start making a list of books that I want to get for when my daughter is older!