Thursday, April 26, 2012

~Sewing Up a Storm~

I've been busy sewing. It seems I've turned a corner and my time spent in making is usually at the sewing machine, not with knitting needles.

I made these three things in March. It was still cold, but I didn't want to sew something that would only get used for a month or two. So I turned to summer sewing.

A nighty made from a thrifted pillowcase:

A peasant dress:

And a twirly skirt:

The best part of all three of these projects is that I used fabric and supplies I already had on hand. I'm trying to sew through my fabric, but there are two problems: 1) I then have scraps and my scrap bin is full and 2) I just acquired a hefty stack of fabric so I now have way more projects in sight!

All three of these are for my daughter. She especially loves the skirt!

I have some more projects to share - stay tuned. :)


Charity said...

So pretty!! Especially the night gown - I love the yellow!

Sue said...

My grandaughter loves twirly skirts too!

Ruth said...

Yay for stash busting! :) Pretty garments, all three. I particularly love the nightgown. Did you follow a pattern/tutorial or make it up?

Tammy said...


Ruth, for the nightgown I used a peasant dress pattern for the top shaping, and straps/sleeves, and just tapered it down to the hem.

Ashley W said...

They are so so pretty! Your little girl is always dressed in such cute clothes!