Friday, October 19, 2012

~Hedgies in the Post~

I opened my mailbox one day to discover a package. Upon opening it, I discovered these:

Letterpress Notecards

I squealed with delight, and then called my mom to thank her for the lovely gift. It was an early birthday present. She wanted to make sure she got me something from my little list before someone else did. Well, I wasn't expecting anyone to give me anything in the first place, so it was quite a surprise!

And then a few days later, the second part of her present arrived:
Hedgie Labels
(Only of course, with my name and address on them. ;-) )

And then, when a friend asked me for my address, I didn't suspect anything hedgehog-related, buuut, I once again found myself opening a package to find:

Yes, that's right! A second set of hedgehog notecards! I am thrilled! I had the hugest grin on my face when I was opening them! I have been slightly fretting at the thought of using those sweet little cards, as I can sometimes be a stationery hoarder! I think I will enjoy using these even more, knowing I have a few more in my stationery box! :)

So...lovely thank yous to my mom and my friend! I shall enjoy my little prezzies very much (and I'm on strict orders by my friend to not use one of the cards on her! *grin*) :)

For buying information (you know you want these for yourself!) click the links under the pictures. Images used with permission from the respective Etsy sellers.