Wednesday, August 14, 2013

~A week of Mondays~

Do you know the tale of the man who wished for every day to be Sunday, and he was granted his wish? His wife wasn't happy with him because she had to fix a big roast dinner every day. Eventually he got his wish changed around and learned to be happy with each day as it came.

Mondays are pretty choppy around here. Sundays do take some "recuperating" as it were, for the whole family, but they are hardest on our daughter. We have a 35 min. ride each way, which means over 2 hours in the car each Sunday; the expectation to sit still and behave through Sunday school, junior church, and evening service; and meal times all changed up. If I were four years old I'd have trouble on Mondays too!

But this week it seems as if we're getting a week of Mondays. What is up with that? Last night there was an unusual amount of drinking-pottying-sing me a songing-bed bouncing-even more drinking-in-and-outing than normal. That led to a child who went to sleep past 10 pm in spite of my best efforts to get her in bed on time. She seemingly has not gotten my sleeping genes and to prove it, she bounced out of her room before eight this morning! So yeah, this day has seemed like a Monday. As did yesterday, and of course Monday was Monday!

Here's hoping tomorrow is a Thursday-that-feels-like-Thursday!

What's the hardest day around your house?


Anonymous said...

Thursdays...I have pt on Mon and Wed, and by Thursdays, my body wants to quit!

Deb said...

I'd say Mondays are the hardest...we're recuperating from Sunday (we only have one service, but we stay til 2 pm and it's 45 min each way), and I'm doing all the laundry that's accumulated over the weekend. I try not to plan any appts or outings on a Monday. After that... I'm good to go!

Tammy said...

Kendra, I hope your Thurs. is better this week!

Deb, oh...the laundry! :) I have been trying to catch up on laundry on Friday and Saturday so that I don't have mountains of laundry to deal with on Monday. Just one more thing to add to my list, if I let it go.