Saturday, August 31, 2013

~Cherry Peds~

Today I finished a pair of socks! All I had to do was kitchener one toe closed. That's it! I already had all the other ends woven in, and the other sock was finished.

I love how closely the stripes match up!

When I got the yarn at Hobby Lobby, I wanted a simple footy, so I wouldn't have a ton of knitting to do, but also because I don't like long cuffs on my socks, even in the winter. So I searched and searched and ended up using a pattern I had favorited on Ravelry a long time ago. Doesn't that figure!

The second sock had a very tiny amount of brown striping on the toe. That bothered me a lot because the other toe did not have that striping. But when I finally got them off the needles and on my feet, I realized something: I can't see that color variation when they are on!

So--another pair of socks to tuck into my drawer and wait for cooler weather (though we've had plenty of cool weather this summer!).

Yarn: Cherry Sours by Paton Stretch Sock
Pattern: Pom Pom Peds by The Purl Bee
Needles: US 2

More project details here (Ravelry link).


Unknown said...

I will search high and low for a new pattern for a project and usually end up settling for a pattern I have had for a while too.

Very cute socks. I usually will make my socks on one large circular needle, but I have made them on double points too.

How did you knit this pair?

Tammy said...

Thanks, Shelly! I knit them with DPN's, one at a time. I haven't used a circular for socks. I tried it once but I think I need to see it in action in order to get the hang of it.