Friday, September 05, 2014


When it comes to canning, my emotions are like a pendulum, back and forth, backandforth, up, down, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh. The longer canning season lasts, the bigger the swings.

The new canning shelf that Kevin built for me.
Swinging to the other side: frustrated, tired, sore, and cranky after a day of canning all day long, and simultaneously trying to take care of a 5 year old who is bored-lonely-cranky-bored-hungry-bored-hungryagain-bored-lonely-cranky-evenhungrierthanbefore-bored.

Swinging back to Happy!!! Just a walk down to my basement:

Another angle on the shelf.
Swing, swing, swing: in-a-hurry, frustrated that everything takes so long. And that using up 50 pounds of tomatoes somehow seems to multiply them on my counter. How does that work anyhow? And the mess! Oh! the mess.

Mopping my floor? not happening these days. I give my daughter a rag and a spray bottle with vinegar and water and have her clean the floor by the stove. Done, and done! And it relieved the boredom for a few moments.

But at the end of the day (well, to be honest sometimes it takes a good night's sleep!) I am happy and feel so, so blessed with the bounty. God is so good to allow me to put up all this food in preparation for the coming year! I am so glad I have the chance to put this food up.

I read this article today; I have to say, not going to Meijer ever again sounds pretty awesome to me! I don't know how I'd swing it, exactly. But I'm going to think about this one! I know my canned goods will go a long way toward less shopping at Meijer, that's for sure.


Deb said...

Tammy, I knew you'd been busy, but these racks REALLY show all your labors! you will love the results this winter! We need some racks like yours...but no place to put them!

Tammy said...

Thanks, Deb. The shelf has more on it now, since the picture was taken shortly after Kevin built them. It is a blessing to have a basement, for sure. I don't know where I'd store things otherwise!

Ruth said...

Just beautiful!!!! (It's been years since I've make me feel nostalgic for those days, even for the achy back and messy counter tops and floors). Good work, Tammy!

Charity said...

Love those shelves! So handy!

I haven't been the greatest "blogging buddy" recently... but I caught up a bit on your blog! Congrats on you and your hubby's weight loss!! And your garden is beautiful! I miss growing my veggies this year. Maybe next year I'll have a yard for a little plot!

Hope you have a blessed Saturday!!