Sunday, February 15, 2015

52 Projects (Project 5)

The weather here is typical for February but I seem to forget about February's brutality, until February rolls around again. Then I rush from the house to the car, muttering, "I hate winter, I hate Michigan." Both of which are not true, but in February it feels true and so I sometimes say it. Under my breath.

Two weeks ago, our evening church services were canceled due to a blizzard, and so I had a whole afternoon and evening ahead of me. I started rummaging through my fabric bins, and decided to make a skirt for my daughter. My daughter pulled out a one-yard length of very bright yellow polka-dots, and that was her choice. Serendipitously I had scraps from a vintage pillowcase that contrasted perfectly. Those became the waistband and pockets, and I used lime green bias tape for the hem. I think it helped tone down the yellow a bit. I had everything on hand, including elastic, to make this.

I centered pockets on the side seams. I was so tempted to just make a simple patch pocket, and be done, but I took the time to make a cuter pocket, and I'm so glad I did!

I do have several patterns for skirts, but I didn't use a pattern this time around. I love the way it turned out, and the springiness of it gives me hope that spring is indeed coming! I finished this up yesterday afternoon, when I finally had a little time to devote to sewing.

Cost: $0
Running Cost: $8.39

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Anonymous said...

February seems colder this year. Well, other than last year. ;) I hate May. By then it should be warm and it's still rather chilly. bleh. Just think, though, February is more than half way done. Woohoo