Friday, September 02, 2016

Our Move to South Carolina: the Backstory

Every story has a backstory! And the story of our move wouldn't be complete with a little backstory!

We moved to Michigan 12 years ago, and about a year later, bought a house and settled in. For 11 years.

We didn't have family in Michigan, and while it was just the two of us, it truly wasn't that "big of a deal". I missed being near our family, but we got to see them periodically. Plus, Kevin's sister and her husband lived in Wisconsin so we got to see them every so often also. But after we had our daughter, I really felt the impact of having no family near by.

Last year for Thanksgiving, we decided to go to SC for the holiday. It ended up being an almost complete family get-together - just missing two of my sisters and their families. For a lot of families if there were "just" two missing that wouldn't be almost complete! Haha..but in my family I guess it is. ;-) We didn't go with the thought of moving, we just went and had a nice time with family!

We did have a discussion after we came back though: wouldn't it be nice to be closer to family? But then we decided to put it to the back burner and see what happened over the next few years. So I started checking out books like Love the Home You Have and was trying desperately (and praying!) to be content with our house, our location, our life! And it was mostly working!

Tomorrow: the Announcement and Pursuing a Move


Mrs. U said...

What part of SC are y'all in now? We were in August, GA, until 2012 and now we're in Atlanta (where we both grew up).


Tammy said...

Hi Shari! We're in the Upstate area of SC.