Monday, September 05, 2016

Our Move to South Carolina: the Move and Our New House

I wish I had a picture (no, I don't) of all our earthly goods out on the front yard. We had so many friends come and help us move, that all of our belongings were moved out of the house about four hours faster than the truck could get packed. So everything was across our front yard, the neighbor's drive way and even in the road! for a very long time. I just stopped looking.

Sigh. We had so many lovely friends helping us. Words can't express what my heart feels when I think of all our friends and the help they gave us.

My brother came to help us move! That was a huge blessing too! He ended up driving our car most of the journey down, while Kevin drove the truck. My brother is 13 years younger than me, and this was the most time we'd spent together as adults. It was great to talk the hours by. My brother also pulled up funny comedy sketches on his phone and we listened to those.

We moved into a small apartment with most of our stuff in storage. The plus side of the apartment was that it was close to work and one of my sisters. And it had a pool! My daughter learned to swim in the two months that we lived in the apartment.

So, on to our new house! We found our house relatively fast! We only went out with our realtor twice to look at houses, and of the six houses we looked at with him, the house we bought was the only one that we hadn't requested to view. Lesson: just let the realtor do the work! If you have a good one they'll find the perfect house for you!  In the end everything worked out, but our house deal in Michigan had us worried for a while. And then they did stuff like send us a check for the equity we  had in our house, instead of wiring it, and our bank did stuff like, "we are going to put a hold on this check until the very day you need it" but it all worked out in the end, Praise the LORD! We just feel so blessed with our house. It's so beautiful! Even though we've been in our new house for a month it still doesn't feel like we've been here that long! I'm showing pictures of the house before we moved in. We're still settling in and making it our own!

The screened in back porch

The laundry room off the kitchen

the breakfast nook

the kitchen, looking from the breakfast nook

the living room

the dining room (looking from the living room)

the main bathroom

the master bedroom

master bathroom


Deb said...

Your new place looks very nice! Sorry that I'm just checking in to read the rest of your series..but my mom has another fracture in her back, and this week has been a medical week!

I enjoyed learning all about the process and how the Lord led you to where you are right now! I hope it doesn't take you long to settle in and for it to feel like HOME! Glad that you're near family.

Tammy said...

Deb, I'm sorry about your mom. I am adding my prayers for her recovery!

Thank you for the comment!