Thursday, December 15, 2016


For the longest time, I have wanted to make marshmallows. I've had a stand mixer for quite a few years now, so really it was just about finding the time. This December I've been attempting to carve out more time to do things with my daughter, and one of the things on my list was marshmallows.

Recipes abound (just check Pinterest). I used a basic recipe out of my The Homemade Pantry (not an affiliate link) cookbook.

Will I make these again? I don't know. I rarely (as in: once a year or less) buy marshmallows to begin with. And it is not as though these are "healthy" or even "healthier" by any stretch of the imagination. They are delicious though, and it was a fun experience to share with my daughter!

Are you doing any special holiday baking or candy making this year? Do tell!


emerrube said...

I used to make gingerbread cookies every year, but haven't for a few years. I used Mrs. Fields cookie book and they always came out so soft. Which is my favorite way to have cookies.

Tammy said...

Soft gingerbread cookies...those sound amazing! Mine always turn out kind of on the crunchy side!

Mrs. U said...

Homemade marshmallows are on my "bucket list" of things to cook before I die! LOL!! I really need to do them, but I'm the only one here that loves marshmallows. :)