Thursday, September 08, 2005

Gas or Electric?

If you would have asked me several months ago what my preference was for a stove, I would have said, "Gas." I grew up cooking on a gas stove, and was very familiar with cooking on one. When Kevin and I got married, our first apartment and succeeding dwelling places all had electric stoves. The stove in our first apartment was something that most likely came off the ark with Noah. *Grin* Well, maybe not that old, but it was a relic for sure! It took each burner several minutes to heat up.

After 5 years of cooking on electric stove tops, I became used to the reliability of "Low" being the same exact temperature each and every time. Rice was easy to cook, as were other foods that needed to simmer.

The house we just bought has a gas stove. I was so looking forward to it! That is, until I started cooking on it! I am still getting re-acquainted with cooking on a gas stove. "Low" is so variable. If I get it too low, it blows out and I have to start all over again. Since moving, I have had trouble getting rice cooked without it sticking to the bottom of the pan. I can remember my dad giving me tips on how to cook rice without burning it, and each time I cook rice, those lessons come to my mind.

I am starting to like my gas stove top better these days! It's just what you become accustomed to.

Here's an interesting fact~
Did you know that paint fumes will make gas smell like kerosene?

I sure didn't! One Saturday, I called the gas company and they came out to check what was wrong with our gas that it was smelling like kerosene every time we used the stove or oven. The guy who came out promptly asked me if we were painting. Since I had been painting, that solved that problem! I'm glad it was something simple!


Carolyn said...

I would have no idea how to cook on a gas stove! LOL
When Nannette was little and we would go visit my father, the first time she saw their stove she came running to me, saying MOm the stoves on fire! LOL

Susan said...

I absolutely LOVE a gas stove! We have electric now, but I hope we can go back to gas sometime. I feel the opposite of what you do - I feel like I have more control with gas than electric! LOL

Jamie said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my gas stove Tami! AFter a while you will get the hang of it! I love how it heats the pan up FAST. I didnt know that about painting though.>I will remember that! I do remember a time thinking electric was better when I had to use gas..but not now. I love it!