Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Today I went to the lab to get some blood drawn for some tests the doctor ordered. I've never had blood work done before. The doctor had ordered five tests to be done, and I just assumed that they were going to take one vial and "divvy up" the blood for the different tests. Well, they took five vials of blood. I am feeling a little spaced out right now. I had to fast beforehand, and I've eaten now, so I'm feeling a little better!

I still have my painting to do today, but I think I'm going to go knit for a while before I get started on my project!


Jamie said...

OH I know how you feel! The last time I was in I had to get some lab tests and I thought they would never be done with me. I kept saying..are you sure I have enough left? And they said oh yes! It sure looked like there wasnt much left. I hope you feel better..drink some orange juice and eat toast.

Anonymous said...

I hate getting my blood drawn. My body doesn't respond well...just ask Kevin (if you haven't heard that story yet). I'm always fainting. The last time the nurse learned her lesson and laid me down before she took blood. Yeah, I'm not donating anytime soon. =D

Nikki said...

UGH!!! I hate having my blodd drawn. I have had WAY WAY to much taken over the last month!! I go in a week and have another tube taken!! I hope that is it for a while!!! I hope you find out just want you need to with those test!!