Saturday, September 10, 2005

This 'n That

This morning I saw a cardinal at our bird feeder. I felt sorry for him though, since he didn't have any feathers on his head. I would like to see more cardinals at our feeder. When we first moved in to our house (in July), I put up a feeder, and soon we had every sparrow in town dining at our feeder. I had to replace the food on a daily basis, they were eating it so fast! So I stopped putting food in it for a while, and just recently started up again. It's nice to see an occasional bird at the feeder! I did enjoy the sparrows, but they kept the other birds away.

I've been busy this morning cleaning. So far, I've gotten my bedroom and the living room done. I don't have a lot of houswork to do, but it's nice to get everything straighted up!

Last night I went to Yankee Candle and turned in an application. I love their candles, so I thought I'd see if they need any help. (I wonder what kind of employee discount they have???) =)I am looking for a part time job, and so far nobody has responded to the resumes I've sent out.

While Kevin and I were out last night, we got a little charcoal grill. Kevin is going to go out in just a bit and get steaks. I keep mentioning the hamburgers I already have, but he has his mind set on steaks. =) I can't argue too much, cause a nice, juicy steak will sure be good!

I need to get back to my cleaning, and Kevin also wants me to make potato salad. Mmmm...can't wait for lunch!


Susan said...

If there's one place I'd like to work, it's Yankee Candle! Praying for you as you look for a job.

Jamie said...

OH man I am jealous! I love yankee candles! I am praying for this job for you!

Jennwith4 said...

The part about the birds reminded me that I did a hit and run on a sparrow yesterday (sniff). It was while I was getting off the freeway and I couldn't stop.

Anonymous said...

You should put out some suet! I don't think that sparrows would bother that and it'd attract woodpeckers and birds like that! I think Yankee Candle employees get a 10% discount. I used to have a friend who worked there. When I'd go to pick her up from work, she'd smell like a grand conglomeration (sp?) of every single scent they had there!:-) She was able to work up to assistant manager though even though she only worked part time. I'll be praying you find the right job! Love,HMH

Nikki said...

Ohh Sounds like a wonderful lunch!! Ohh Man!! I would LOVE to work at Yankee Candle!!! I'm praying you get that job!!! I bet you will make a lot of friends working there...hehehehe