Saturday, February 18, 2006

It's, it's early...

I visited the library today and got all kinds of knitting books. This evening, we watched a movie and I looked through my books and kept up with the movie at the same time. The end was quite intense, so I did put my books down in order to finish the movie.

Is anyone else frustrated with NBC? I told a friend at church how annoying it is to try to watch the Olympics, because they don't stick with an event for more than one or two commercials. She said it didn't bother her much, because it was like watching tv with her husband. LOL I can relate to that...but still! Figure skating for two couples, then we're watching snowboarding, then we're watching something else. I just remember watching the Olympics when I was younger, and they seemed to have more of each event.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I get my new washer and dryer! I'm so excited!!! I have clothes piled up ready and willing to be washed! :-) (Oh wait--technically, it's today that I get my new washer and dryer!)

Thursday morning I was awakened by a crash and then what sounded like a downpour of rain. Upon rising and looking out the window, I saw that it wasn't raining. I followed the the bathroom. One of the bathtub's legs (feet?) had fallen off and water was pouring everywhere. It could have been an expensive mishap, but Kevin called someone who fixes clawfeet bathtubs, and he explained to him over the phone how to get the feet back on securely. This was not the foot that Kevin had previously fixed. So, hopefully, this will hold! The pipe connecting the shower to the faucet broke off, and Kevin had to fix that. But thankfully, the pipes bringing the water in didn't break!

Well, I really do need to go to bed. For some reason, I'm wound up tonight. Maybe it's the accomplishment of my blog background! LOL


Anonymous said...

Hey, Tammy! Remember me? I love your blog, is that your new house in the pic under the Valentine's Day post ... is so, I love they way you decorated!


Tammy said...

Hi Amy! Of course I remember you! :) Yes, those pictures are in our new house. I was just looking at your blog the other day, I should have posted a "hello!"

Anonymous said...

We don't have tv reception, but a friend is taping some ice skating for me! I love watching the skating events. I'm SURE that the jumping to different events will drive me crazy though! I have a low threshold for that sort of thing, lol!

The cheesecake below looks YUMMY! Thanks for posting the recipe. And I like your "new look" on the blog background too.
-Dell (Who is also up too late and needs to go to BED!)

Anonymous said...

did you get your washer/dryer? how are they?