Wednesday, December 06, 2006

~Popular Searches~

It's fun to have a site meter that records what searches landed people on your page! Sometimes there's an odd one that makes me wonder why in the world how my blog ended up as a search result.

Here are a few popular searches that land people on my blog, time and time again (with links to the posts that have the search item in them):
flower washcloth
flower pin cushion
raw potatoes
Joe Zechertman

If you have a site meter on your blog, do you notice any searches that repeatedly bring people to your blog? The "raw potatoes" search amuses me. In each example above, it is only referenced on my blog once, at the most twice. It's not as though my blog were named, "The Life and Times of a Flower Wash Cloth". And yet, I get nearly daily hits from that one search alone!


Anonymous said...

I was curious, so I checked my stat counter. The two most common phrases were:
Cranberry Chicken Salad
Smoked Turkey Bean Soup

I was surprised these two kept popping up. I thought the ingredients were rather unique.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you shared that info, I just recently found your blog so I missed the flower pincushion post--LOVE IT!!! Another project to add to my pile :). My blog is new so I don't have any searches yet, can't wait to find out what words people will find my site with.

Anonymous said...

I love the site meters. It's quite interesting how many hits a site will continually have and sometimes little to no comments to show it. LOL


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the journey song lyrics is my #1 hit ????

That and Oprah sweatsuit too...dont' know how I got linked there!

Birdie said...

Just about all of those who find me are looking for seasonal prayers. I should probably post more of those.

Carolina Mama said...

Tammy I love to visit your site. What a blessing! Thanks for sharing.

Cherish the Home said...

Sloppy joe recipe happens almost daily. I joke with Mrs.R that if a blogger wants hits, they need to post a sloppy joe recipe. (o;

Granny said...

Sadly, people have landed at my blog by searches for porn--seems some people have a fetish for Grannies. Very, very sad and scary.

Tammy said...

Thanks for all the was fun to see how YOUR blog gets random traffic!

Granny, sorry to hear about your hits! Yuck.