Tuesday, December 12, 2006

~Drip, drip, drip~

Last week we had beautiful snow, bitterly cold weather, and no precipation (after the initial snow, that is!). The cold front made way for the "warm" front, and by Sunday afternoon, I heard the continual dripping of the melting snow running off our roof. Now it is raining, and washing all our snow away. I've heard that we probably won't have a white Christmas this year.

I forgot to mention, but the white stuff under my yarn was snow. *Grin*

I also took a few more pictures.

Some icicles...don't worry, I was being careful.

The hill in our back yard.

As you can see, it was dusk when I took the pictures. We now leave for work before the sun rises, and return as it is setting. That means no good picture taking opportunities! LOL


Jennwith4 said...

Beautiful! I'll pray you have a nice white Christmas!

Shannon Sinclair said...

Hi Tammy! You really have a knack for photography! You should make up a calendar featuring your work! They would make really cool Christmas presents!

Kristi said...

Oh dear...are those icicles are big as they look?? And did you eat them as a child?? I did. :)


Tammy said...

Aw, Jen, you're sweet. Want me to pray for a white Christmas for you guys? ;-)

Shannon, thank you very much! That's a great idea!

Kristi, I don't recall being able to get close enough to icicles when I was a child (my parents wouldn't let me get close to them!) in order to eat them. Just the thought of that makes me shudder! EWWWW LOL