Tuesday, January 30, 2007

~Family Crests, Coat of Arms~

Within the last week, I received my Treasury of Vintage Homekeeping Skills. I haven't had a lot of time to look through it, but one page I saw piqued my interest. There is a space in the book to record your family crest, or coat of arms.

I looked online and found a few sites that sell Coat of Arms:



Today, I did a little digging on the subject at Wikipedia. See here, and here, if you are interested.

I found a coat of arms for our surname, and thought it would be fun to make one ourselves, and hang it somewhere in our house. I do realize that it wouldn't be considered "authentic"...but it would be kind of fun anyhow! *Smile* We liked the Scottish version of ours better than the German version anyhow...and I don't think my husband has Scott in his blood!


Anonymous said...

Yes he does. We get it from Nana's side, although, the Hamiltons have been in the country since the Revolution. But we do have a wee bit of Scots blood. however, the side of the family where he gets his surname is English.

Anonymous said...

We had our crest framed when we lived in Germany. It's Irish. But Bruce's brother has one and it's Scottish. LOL So! You're right, it's fun and it's a conversational piece. :)


Anonymous said...

This sounds like fun Tammy - what a great idea. At fairs and field days in Australia we often see stalls that sell customised Family Crests and such. Very pricey though. I hadn't thought of making our own!

Anonymous said...

My husband is of Scottish decent and my son takes his Scottish heritage very seriously. : ) (Our last name is obviously Scottish.) We have looked up our family crest and Coat of Arms. We even have our own tartan pattern!

Anonymous said...

What a neat thing to do__I am going to go see what ours would look like:)