Monday, January 22, 2007

~On my way to a green thumb...~ little plant at a time!

Houseplants have always faced imminent doom when they entered my abode, but I have somehow managed to keep my peace lily alive! In fact, looking at my post from July, I realized how much my lily has actually grown. It has filled out quite a bit, and is taller. When we were doing our work on the living room/dining room, my little plant got moved around a lot, and was subjected to great neglect. It hasn't seemed to notice though!

I'm not going to claim a green thumb just yet. But I'm quite happy my little plant is still alive and thriving!

Do you have houseplants? and if so, what types have you found best for you? I think my next step in houseplants is going to be some African violets! I've always admired them, and my mom grew them when I was little, so I have fond memories of them.

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Sarah Joy said...

Tammy, I think I'm still in the "imminent doom" phase. I even killed my fish. :(

I'm happey for you and your peace lily!

Anonymous said...

Ooh....I love houseplants! I had dozens of them before we moved, but my mother in law kept them for me after that because there wasn't room in the moving truck. I miss them so! Oh, rambling, sorry, lol!

The easiest I think is a spider plant. Even my mother can keep one of those alive, and she has a black thumb with houseplants. African violets are easy too. I have another one that's easy but I'm forgetting the name of it at the moment - I'll post it later if it comes to mind.

Congratulations so far - hope you can keep it alive longer!

Anonymous said...

Tammy, someone gave me a cutting from an African violet a couple of years ago that she got when she graduated high school 30 years ago. I have divided and divided and divided yet again that beautiful pink violet! I wish I could ship you a few!

I have a wonderfully sunny nook window that my houseplants do great in! I recently acquired a purple shamrock plant - and I'm having trouble keeping that one healthy looking, either too much water or too dry. I've never experienced a problem growing anything before! Maybe I need to read up on their little quirks and adapt to whatever it says. :)

Anonymous said...

African violets like to be watered from the bottom. I've managed to keep one alive for a few years and it's even bloomed for me!

Pothos (sp?) is another standard house plant that's hard to kill. Goes everywhere, if you like that sort of thing.

You know who's great with houseplants is Rebecca. She had a jungle in her bedroom, I swear.

Anonymous said...

I definitely do not have a green thumb. Plants actually survive better if I leave them alone. I have only one house plant and despite being terribly neglected it continues to survive. I've become quite fond of it lately (due to it's will to survive I think). However, since lavishing a little of my special care it has begun to wilt! How distressing!

Anonymous said...

Well, as a woman who once killed an aloe vera plant, I don't qualify as having a green thumb, but I try really hard. Dh actually takes my house plants away from me when I treat them too badly, and carries them to his office to be tended and revived, lol. I do have a peace lily that I've managed to keep alive for a year, so that's a record for me! We moved into a house with lots of large windows that let in lots of sun, so I have placed plant stands in all the sunny corners for future plants. My peace lily in on a stand near the dining room window, soaking up the sun and getting bigger. It will be time to repot soon.

For some reason, I can grow plants outdoors, though. My garden was excellent last year, and my flower beds tend to do very well. Good luck with your growing endeavors!