Sunday, January 07, 2007

~My New Best Friend~

(In the kitchen, that is!)

When I was growing up, my parents had a pressure cooker. When I got married, I didn't get a pressure cooker to take to my new home. After all, they are quite expensive! It took a bit to get used to things taking much longer to cook, but I adjusted.

One of the things I listed on my wish list was a pressure cooker. My sweet darling husband perused my wish list before he went out Christmas shopping for me, and guess what? I got a pressure cooker for Christmas!

It has been wonderful! I love cooking with it!!! It is a true time-saver, worth every single penny!

I do have to say that if Kevin had gotten me a pressure cooker as a gift the first few years we were married, I wouldn't have been too thrilled. LOL Things do change after a few years!

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Amy said...

So true! Things do change over time, don't they? There's nothing like a good quality kitchen tool :)

Anonymous said...

Tammy, my mom uses a pressure cooker all the time...but unfortunately I never learned how to use one. I've always been afraid of them--maybe from remembering one time when hers exploded when I was growing up. I'm glad you got one; hope you enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

I received a pressure cooker a couple of Christmases ago too, but I have yet to use it. I really want to, but I haven't taken the time to "educate" myself. My mother has always used one, even after the time the lid blew off leaving pinto beans dripping from the plaster ceiling. . . Thank goodness no one was hurt.

I still want to learn to use mine even though I'm feeling a bit nervous about it, haha! If you have any good recipes or food items you cook in your's, I'd love to hear about your method!

Open Roads Mama said...

Kitchen machines, what a lovely thing! Glad you got one you were waiting to use! :-) I got a bread maker machine this Christmas and I have a fantastic time using it every day to bake breads!
Enjoy your new toy :-)

Anonymous said...

A pressure cooker would be a fantastic addition to my kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a useful gift; your hubby is so thoughtful! I wholeheartedly agree about how things change over time. God just keeps drawing me towards those lovely homemaking items. Blessings to you, dear friend in Christ!

Anonymous said...

I smiled at your last paragraph....yes things *do* change over time. Quite often household items are on my gift lists too. (o:

Anonymous said...

I have always been afraid of them. I suppose it's because my Grandmother scared me to death one day when I came into the kitchen where she was cooking a roast in one. LOL But I've never had one and I would really like to try one. Maybe I'll ask for one for my birthday or something. LOL Whether or not I'll use it? Well, we'll see. :)


Anonymous said...

I guess I never realized that they could be for other stuff other than canning. My mom only used it for canning....unless I'm thinking of something else?

By the way...did you ever find that you were looking for about the girl and the canal boat?

Anonymous said...

I meant to say...did you ever find that book that you were looking for about the girl and the canal boat.? I guess my fingers got too fast for my mind. LOL

By the way, I moved to a new blog.

Anonymous said...

My mom got us a pressure cooker a few years go. I use mine mostly for potatoes. I have to admit though it does scare me sometimes when it makes all that noise.

Anonymous said...

My dear father gave A. some advice before we got married, saying "never buy her kitchen or house things for gifts."

Excuse me, but I think that is terrible advice for me!!! I have had to retrain my dear husband that I NEED these things, and it is acceptable to give them as gifts to me!!! I am not a trinkety and baubley person; I want USEABLE things.

enough rant. good on ya for getting a pressure cooker. I don't use it for anything but canning. How do you cook with it??

Julieann said...

Oh Tammy--You lucky duck!!!

I would pick a pressure Cooker over roses anyday:)