Tuesday, December 11, 2007

~Grocery Bags~

I'm just back from the grocery store (Meijer), and I'm tickled pink over the recyclable grocery bags I bought. (Note: it is the small things in life that make me the most excited. Tell me I won a car, and I'd say, "oh, ok". Tell me that I can buy a grocery bag for $.99 and I jump up and down with joy. LOL)

So anyhow, the bags are wonderful! They only cost $.99 apiece, and they appear very sturdy. I purchased three today, and only needed three extra plastic bags for a week's worth of groceries. They hold so much, and they pack into the cart/trunk of my car very nicely. I have been meaning to make myself some shopping bags, because I really don't like bringing home so many plastic bags each week! For one week's groceries, I usually bring home 10 or so plastic bags. I do reuse some of the bags, but most of them end up in the recycle bin. It is just such a waste!

These bags have a hard plastic insert which goes on the bottom so the bag is easy to load. It also has a little tag so the checker can hook it onto the bag holders. Inside, there are two pockets which fold in/out to secure bottles.

Here you can see the bottle holders (I put a bottle of soy milk in the bag, you can tell how deep the bags are too!), and the little tab that slips onto the bag holders.

Next time I go shopping, I plan on buying three more. I think this will be more than enough for my shopping needs. No more plastic bags! Hurrah!!!


Anonymous said...

Our Ohio Meijers are also carrying these bags (sadly in a boring shade of tan...I like your blue ones!). They are very handy. I bought 6 of them over a couple of weeks and they are enough for grocery shopping for a family of 4. I like that they carry more things per bag and so I take fewer trips from the car into the house. They also came in handy when we traveled. We used them to put snacks in one or two, dog gear in another. They are very handy! And at 99cents a good deal.

Kelly @ The Barefoot Mama said...

Hey Tammy!

These bags rock!! I hopped over here from Mrs. Wilt's site and was so excited to see this post. Hooray for green (albeit blue, hehe!) grocery bags. :o)

Have a cheerful, beautiful Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy,

I totally agree with your post. Our local grocery stores are selling and promoting them a lot, which is great. I love them as well, they are fantastic in every way, except one, I always forget to take them shopping. I hope you do better then me, I am trying though!! HA HA

Anonymous said...

We need to do this. J hates the plastic bags we acquire. But I think I'd be like stephanie and for get my bags. =(

Anonymous said...

Stores in my area (southern ontario) are selling reusable bags too. None so well thought out as these ones though! The cashiers are getting used to packing the bags, although I try to help to get the line moving.

(JennGB from HP)

Arlene said...

Our commissary is selling some reusable bags for the same price, but yours are MUCH nicer... of course, Meijer is a commercial grocer and not affiliated with the military, so that kinda makes sense, lol. Maybe I should look off-base and slowly buy a few of the nicer ones.

I'm excited by the little things in life, too. There's no shame in that! On the plus side, it makes my husband happy, because he doesn't have to spend a ton of money to cheer me up, lol!

Open Roads Mama said...

Those look very good and useful! I'm sure they'll become more and more popular now that the 'carry your shopping in reusable bags' trend is out, which I totally support for the good of the environment!
Very good idea overall! :-)

Shari said...

wow, those look awesome at .99! i don't know where there is one near cleveland.

Tammy said...

Jennifer, using them for travelling is a great idea! My Meijer carries them in blue AND tan, I personally like the blue the best! =)

Kelly, my husband said the same thing, "Oh, you're going green with blue". Hehe Thanks for stopping by!

Stephanie and Rebecca, I hope I don't forget mine when I go shopping. =P I'm thinking of storing them in the car, so I won't forget them!

Jenn, thanks for stopping by. It's a great idea to help the checker out. I'll have to do that too. The bag holders spin around, so it will be very easy for me to help out!

Arlene, yes, it is nice for my husband that I get excited over the little things. :-)

Thanks, O, and Shari for your comments!

Melissa said...

Here in Canada, at the grocery stores I shop at, you have to buy plastic bags if you want them. I hate plastic bags anyways, so why would I want to spend money on them? :) I purchased five large reusable bags from one store that have a lifetime guarantee -- when they wear out, you get a new one for free. Not a bad investment for $5 (for all 5 bags!). As soon as I bring them home and empty them, I take them back out and put them in the trunk so I don't forget them for the next time. Such a great idea, glad you got into it!

Martha said...

I love the bags. I think I want you to get me some too! :) We do not have that store here - but the bags look very fuctional. I love using recyled bags for shopping at Aldi's.


Amy said...

Your bags are great! I love my shopping bags too, but bought them before Meijer had offered these. I am going to have to pick a few of these up too. I just can't believe how much time I save by using my bags. They are a wonderful investment and you can't beat the price you paid!!

Karen said...

I ended up at your blog via Courtney's contemplations. I am in Michigan and I haven't seen these at Meijer. Then again, I'm usually shopping for 6, in a hurry, and just looking for what's on my list. Would you mind telling me what part of the store they were in?

Thanks Tammy,

Karen in Milford, MI

Tammy said...

Karen, thanks for stopping by! I've been in two Meijer's, and they were close to the entries, beyond or by the cash registers. Hope you can find them! :)

Karen said...