Monday, December 10, 2007

~Rushing, rushing, hurrying, scurrying~

Kevin and I are in our church's choir, and this year's Christmas cantata has a song that goes along the lines of:
Christmas time is rushing, rushing,
hurrying, scurrying,
much to do, no time to do it,
I can't get it all done at Christmas time...

So of course, that is the song that gets stuck in my head! Not the more meaningful, lovely songs. And you know what? Christmas time IS rushing, rushing, hurrying, scurrying!

In an attempt to make some sense of all my "to do's", I've come to Panerea Bread with my laptop. Lists are my friends, so I'm fully prepared to make out my lists! However, I'm taking a look at my lists, and making sure that they only contain the things that I need to do! I'm cutting out any unnecessary items on my list, so that the days leading up to Christmas are not "rushing, rushing, hurrying, scurrying".

Only 15 days till Christmas! I hope you have a peaceful Christmas time!


Gina said...

We finished the church pageant last night (six performances over the previous five days). My goal was to get through last week so that for the next 15 days, I could breathe a little easier. Other than waiting for a couple things to come in the mail, my shopping/wrapping is done. We made it and yes I'm definitely breathing easier today!

Theresa's Notes said...

Something for you on my homeschool blog.

Kelly said...

Oh I am such a list person too, I need to learn to try and combine, minimize, and remove the unnecessary ones also. Sometimes I have lists for my *lists*!!!