Saturday, June 14, 2008

~£100 Shopping Spree: Cath Kidston~

Today's stop is Cath Kidston, which is a UK-based shop.

If I had £100 (and yes, I fully realize that £100 would be more than $100) to only spend at Cath Kidston, I would purchase:

Spot Paper Napkins, £3.50:

Breakfast Tea Towel, £6.00:

Strawberry Tea Mug, £6.00 (oooh, strawberries and pink together!!!):

Strawberry Crush Mug, £4.00 (I love strawberries, can you tell?):

Spot Print Classic Mug, £7.00 (this is the last mug, but I had to get in some more polka-dots!!!):

Multi Mix and Match Stationery, £6.00:

Summer Toile Bucket Bag, £40.00:

Mini Strawberry White Fabric, £18/metre (£27.00 for 1 1/2 metres):

And that leaves me with £.50, which I highly doubt is enough for shipping! :-)


Anonymous said...

I am starting to get worried about all these virtual spending sprees that you are going on. I fear that you will want to go on a real spending spree. :-)


Anonymous said...

Sadly Cath Kidston closed their US store before I discovered her. Shipping from the UK is *very expensive* so I doubt I'll ever get to order anything but I drool over the catalog every season. I'll take one of just about everything please!(o;

Tori Leslie said...

Hmm, you sure did spend that 100 pounds fast!

I like all your choices!

Tammy said...

LOL @ Kevin. Have no fear...

Michele, I think I found CK through your blog. I didn't know she used to have a US store. Wow, pout, pout.

Tori, those 100 pounds did go fast, didn't they? I don't know what the current exchange rate is, but I wonder if I got my money's worth? ;-)

Melissa said...

I never heard of this place, but their stuff is adorable. I like to dream of spending money too. :-D