Saturday, June 21, 2008

~$100 Shopping Spree: Etsy~

Etsy is a fun place to shop. Here are some items from some of the shops I've marked as "favorite" that I would be tempted to purchase (all prices include shipping):

From Purple Petunia, an earthenware surprise mug, $48:

From Sunnyside Ellen, Cottage Rose sock yarn:

and Strawberry Smoothie sock yarn, $47 for both combined:

And...that leave me with just $5 to spare. Money goes fast when shopping Etsy! :-)


Tori Leslie said...

Wow $100 sure goes fast. That mug is so cute!

Kim said...

Oh my gosh - cute stuff but 48 bucks for a mug?! Or two pair of socks?! No way - who buys $48 mugs? Inquiring minds want to know :)

RMyers said...

Hmm. . . I must have been born without the shopping gene. Recently my secretary told me I was NOT allowed to wear my favorite dress anymore and she forced me to have a ceremonial burial of it. I gave a person that I know that LOVES to shop some money and WhaLa! I have a new wardrobe! Whoohoo~!



Heather said...

I LOVE those colors!