Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Kitten with Broom
Kitten with Broom

Lately I haven't been feeling very motivated as far as housework goes. So I've been doing something very simple: I write a list titled "5 Things" and list out (are you ready for this?) five chores that I need to accomplish. Sometimes one "thing" is actually several tasks pertaining to the same room/chore.

Yesterday's list looked like this:

1) Take all laundry down to basement, sort, and start load
2) Make bed, pick up room, dust
3) Pick up living room and dining room, dust, Swiffer floors
4) Dishes, sweep kitchen
5) Write out menu and shopping list

Then I start at the top and set my timer to count up, and see how long it takes me to do each item.

Need even more motivational tips? Hire a maid for the day, and other motivational tips.

What are some things you do to motivate yourself?


Anonymous said...

My motivation has been a bit lacking lately as well. This is a great idea thank you!

This is the second post I've read today that touches on this subject. God is **so good** to give me what I need. (o:

Many Blessings,

Tammy said...

Michele, what a blessing to know my post was an encouragement to you. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

The maid idea is really cute! Now if only I could convince my kids that I was actually the maid and not mommy LOL!

Sometimes It's Good said...

Cute motivational ideas, Tammy. I sure need some motivation!!!

Annecourager said...

I'm a list-crosser-offer - so I make a list in my weekly planner of what I'd like to get done in that week and just go for it as the spirit moves. It's a LOT easier to accomplish right now because I am no longer teaching school actively!!

The other day I saw a sticky notepad "somewhere" on the Net that had printed at the top: "I have one thing to do today- (then a space, then-) THING:"

I thought that was a clever and effective way to focus your life! :) Then just move to the next THING, whatever it is!