Wednesday, February 25, 2009

~Stitched in Time~

I was delighted to get a copy of Stitched in Time: Memory-Keeping Projects to Sew and Share from the Creator of Posie Gets Cozy from my local library! In fact, I was the first person to check the book out!

I have read Posie Gets Cozy for quite a while now. Alicia's style of writing, photography, crafts, and food is very enjoyable.

I had a fun time looking through the book. There were several projects which could be jumping-off points for me. I don't think I would make anything exactly like the book shows, but I could change my mind down the road. I'm sure I'll check out this book again for crafting inspiration!

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Amy said...

Tammy! I just read your about you and your NEWS! Congrats, and I guess your expecting your little blessing anyday now.

I, too, love Posie Gets Cozy - and I preorderd this book from Amazon. I hate to say it, but I was a little dissappointed. As much as I like her blog, I don't think I'll make anything from the book. I'll give you my copy if you want it. Have you seen a copy of Anna-Marie Horner's book, Seams To Me? Now there is a book that I want to make lots out of!

(OH, and BTW - this is Amy that was on the well many moons ago in case you're wondering)