Wednesday, February 04, 2009

~Washing Counted Cross Stitch Projects~

In my previous post, QuiltedHeart Lisa asked:

I'm concerned about you washing your project. Are you certain all of the embroidery thread is colorfast? Can you get away with not washing it? Sometimes the fabric underneath shrinks, causing puckers. Just another idea...but a wonderful job!!!

Good question!

First of all, I used DMC thread for my project. DMC is known for making good quality, colorfast threads. Since that is what I used, that is what my answer applies to. Some of the cheaper cross stitch kits may not use quality threads, and then I would be concerned about washing the finished project (I would venture a guess that these wouldn't bleed either, unless some of the threads were red or extremely dark). Also, the aida cloth I used was quality fabric. I have washed finished counted cross stitch projects with great success.

Since it has been a while since I have finished a project, I looked up some instructions, and found these excellent directions for washing a finished project: How to Wash Your Cross Stitch Piece. All washing is done very gently by hand, in lukewarm water. No tossing in the washing machine or dryer!!! :O

When I took my pieces in to the frame shop, the lady who I was working with told me, "This is exactly how we like to see finished projects: clean and pressed."


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm always scared to wash mine and I rarely do. I just make sure to wash my hands frequently and put it up when I'm not working on it. I may try to wash a smaller piece next time.

Anonymous said...

((( Tammy )))

I'm soooo relieved to read this! You did all of the right stuff for doing an heirloom project ~ you started out with top notch fabrics and threads rather than something cheap. You did research on washing your project.

I attended a quilt lecture in the early 90s regarding tying a quilt with embroidery thread. Because the quilt would be washed frequently, it was a big concern that the threads would run. We received a list of thread that the lecturer found to run and a list of those threads that did not.

Anyhoo, I love, love, LOVE your blog!!! I pop by every now & then & read. Sorry for not posting much and just lurking!

Hugs & Blessings,

QuiltedHeart Lisa