Monday, November 23, 2009

~Just a note~

If you subscribe to my blog in a feed reader, and all of a sudden you've gotten flooded with posts - I apologize!

I decided to merge the pictures I've taken for my photo blog with my posts here at this blog. At the rate I was going, it was going to be several years before I got up to 365 photos. I enjoyed the challenge of taking a picture a day, but it just wasn't working to get a photo each day!


Melody said...

I had a hard time keeping up as well. I've enjoyed seeing your pics though!

Deb said...

Hi Tammy, no I haven't gotten flooded with fact, bloglines hasn't updated your blog in forever. Just all of a sudden tonight I realized that I hadn't read your blog in awhile so I clicked on it. Sure enough, lots of posts I haven't seen at all. I'll be awhile catching up. Glad you are still here and it's bloglines that just isn't up to speed. Glad that your brother was able to spend Thanksgiving with you!