Friday, December 04, 2009

~Cleaning Project~

Yesterday I took advantage of a very long nap, and cleaned my hallway.

Our house does not have a back porch, mud room, coat closet, front entryway, etc. So we have nowhere to hang coats and store stuff. Except, there is a hallway right off the kitchen, and the second half has some hooks. So we use that area for a coat closet. There is no real purpose to this hallway, since it doesn't go anywhere. The attic door is off the back part of the hallway, and the bathroom is off to the right.

I'd rather not have anything in this hallway, because I just don't like seeing it all out in the open, but it is what it is. =)

It has been ignored for far too long. Here's a before:

I took everything out, washed the curtains, cleaned the floors and woodwork:

And then put the necessary items back in:

All the lovely stuff junk in the front part of the hallway got put away, thrown away, or given away. The stereo had a mind of its own! It would randomly turn itself on, if you pushed the volume button, it would switch from cd to radio, etc. I gave away the table, CD holder, and stereo on Freecycle.

Now I need to find a suitable container for the gloves and hats, and I'll be done. I'm much happier with this space now!


Susan said...

It looks great, Tammy! You've made the best of a less-than-ideal situation. I love the little plant in the window; it adds just the right homey touch.

Open Roads Mama said...

it looks very sweet and inviting! you did a great job decorating! I find little 'organizing' like that very refreshing :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice! We don't have a lot of storage space either so I have to become VERY creative at times.

Here is something I would like to try one day ~A place for coats, and baskets for hats, scarves, gloves etc.

Kim said...

Looks great! Maybe a small deacon's bench under the picture outside the doorway? One that opens for storage - that is what we use for hats, scarves and gloves.

Mrs.Vicki said...

I have a woven basket (like an easter basket) hanging up and gloves and hats are in it.

Kiley said...

It looks fantastic. I was thinking, what about putting a great double door their. You have a great space to attach something like that too that would cut that room apart from the rest. Find something that can bring in the light from the window, but hide the coats and what not.

You did a great job. Wish I had that kind of space!