Friday, May 14, 2010

~Doll Blanket~

Every dolly needs a blanket! I made a doll blanket for my daughter's baby. Very simple - just 3.5 inch squares sewn together, and backed with white flannel.

My favorite square in the quilt:

I made a dress out of this fabric, when I was around 21 or so, and I wore it to shreds. The fabric had wind-blown sheet music on it, and what made it special was that they were all hymns. I saved every single tiny scrap of this fabric, and I was very happy that I could include it in this dolly quilt!

For our daughter's first birthday we looked high and low for a doll. I didn't want a doll that did anything. Especially not one with a motion sensor in it! Those dolls give me the creeps in the store. We went to many stores before we found this nice baby doll:

There hasn't been much interest in the doll until recently so I thought it was high time the poor dolly had a blankie. :-) I cut out enough squares for another doll blanket and once it is finished, I plan on putting it in my Etsy shop.


Charity said...

Cute little blanket! When I was a little girl my grandma made me a blanket with a matching doll blanket. I still have them. :) I'm sure Baby Girl will get many hours of fun with hers! :)

Andrea said...

That is so sweet!! I can see why that is you're favorite square!
It is hard to find a nice doll, isn't it!?!!

Susan said...

Cute quilt! Does Baby Girl like it? I enlarged the picture and looked at all your fabrics. The music one is great, especially that it's all hymns.

Mom said...

So much fun!! And every patch has a story that The Baby will love to hear when she is a bit bigger.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Can I put a hold on the blanket when you get it done? Sue

A Heart of Praise said...

Ah thats so cute and sweet! Brings back lots of memories from when I was little:).