Tuesday, May 04, 2010

~A sweet and sticky, oily, soapy mess!~

In my effort to be using healthier products, I'm trying to make more of my own products. I've already shared two cleaner recipes with you. Those were (are) a success.

So I decided to branch out.

I looked online and found some recipes. Most of them included lemon and having to remake it every few weeks. That would be ok, except that brunettes and lemon juice don't really mix. I don't want to lighten my hair. So I searched for an alternate recipe. Sugar syrup. I enthusiastically set out to make it. Very simple, really! Boil 1/2 cup water, and add 2 teaspoons sugar. Let it cool, and put into a spray bottle. Voila! Hairspray. I even had an empty hairspray bottle so I thought I was all set. Why did I think spraying my hair with sugar water was a good idea??? It's sticky. HELLO! It's sugar water! What was I expecting? Besides, I wash my hair in the morning. Do I really want to go to sleep with sugary hair? Isn't that pretty much an invitation for bugs in my bed? I have one more recipe to try, so we'll see how that goes! It doesn't involve sugar or lemons!

Baby Wipes:
It's simple! Cut a roll of paper towels in half, and soak it in a mixture of water, baby shampoo and olive oil. As we know, oil and water do not mix. So when I plunked my paper towels into the mix, the top layer "grabbed" the oil. Great. I just wasted a half roll of paper towels. I didn't follow the directions completely though, because I didn't have a round container that I could stand the paper towels up in. So this may be my fault, though I really don't see how standing them up will alter the problem. Do I try again? Has anyone made their own baby wipes with success? (Since I do not use cloth diapers, I don't want to use cloth wipes.)


Charity said...

My mom made wipes when my sister was a baby - I thought they were great! She used a round canister or an old wipes container to stand the roll and to store the wipes. I remember them working great - I'll try to get you the recipe she used. :)

Anonymous said...

There is a recipe in the Duggars book for baby wipes. It calls for 2c. water, 2 T. baby oil and 1 T. rubbing alcohol. You place one half of the roll of paper towels that have been cut in half in an ice cream bucket and pour the water mixture on top and soak for thirty minutes. Remove the cardboard center and feed the top corner of the paper towels through an X-shaped slit you've cut in the lid of the bucket. That way you can pull out and tear off one "wipe" at a time. They've found that Bounty brand works best and they say that some people add 1T. of baby bubble bath to the mixture. Our daughter uses these. Sue

Anonymous said...

okay, since I don't know about this stuff...why wouldn't you use cloth wipes if you don't use cloth diapers? just curious. :)

Tammy said...

Sue, thank you for looking up the recipe for me.

Rebecca, if I were doing cloth diapers, I'd be set up with a diaper pail and would wash the cloth wipes with the diapers. But since I'm not doing cloth diapers, I would have to keep the wipes separate and wash really small loads with just the wipes (since I wouldn't want to put them in with regular laundry).

Charity said...

I believe that that is the same recipe my mom used - right down to the Bounty paper towels. They don't disintegrate as much when they get wet. :)

Kim said...

I use to use baby bath and water in mine. Tupperware had a perfect tall, square container with a hinged lid. Don't know if they still have it. I made these over 13 years ago. Take the cardboard core out of your roll and pull them from the middle. It was great!!!!

Melissa said...

I've got to say a word for cloth wipes. I've tried storebought disposable wipes, homemade paper towel wipes, and cloth wipes, and nothing comes close to the cleaning ability of cloth wipes.

I use disposable diapers, too, but I'm still hooked on cloth wipes. You can buy 10-packs of washcloths at Wal-Mart or Target for a couple dollars. I just get the washcloths wet with water a few at a time and store in an empty baby wipes container. Then toss them in a pail with a lid after you use them. If you buy several 10-packs of washcloths, you won't run out of clean wipes for quite a while, and the lidded pail keeps the smell away. I don't find it to be a bother to do a small load of wipes once a week or so. You don't even have to fold them when they're clean and dry...just toss them in a basket until they're needed.