Saturday, May 01, 2010

~Simplicity 8720~

Twice a month, a young girl from my church comes over and watches my little one while I run around like a crazy woman and clean as fast as I possibly can. Yesterday she was coming over so I decided to sew as fast as I possibly could while she was here. All was going well, and then the lights flickered and the electricity went out. I got in a grand total of 15 minutes of sewing time!

Harumph. I decided to clean instead.

When you're used to something like electricity, you forget just how much you rely on it! I went to switch on lights, tried to use the garbage disposer, and had to call my husband so he could tell me where to find the key for the garage, and how to open the garage door!

So anyhow. Yesterday didn't really work for sewing. But today did!

I finished this apron, for my sister's wedding shower. Well, her wedding shower(s) have already passed, but I still wanted to give her a gift.

Ten years ago when I was preparing to set up house, I made this same apron for myself. Ten years was long enough to make me forget how painful a process it was to encase seams and ric rac in 1/4" double fold bias tape! But I'm glad I forgot because I wouldn't have made this pattern again, and I really love how it turned out.


Susan said...

I love this apron! I love the look of the binding trim, but it kind of intimidates me, too. I have a retro-looking pattern that has that binding, and I'm just scared to try it.

Your apron turned out beautiful. The colors and prints are great together. I know your sister will love it! :)

Charity said...

Very cute and so cheerful! I'm sure she'll love it! :)

lauramichelle79 said...

That is precious I sure do love to wear Aprons They make me feel so domestic

Tammy said...

Thank you. :-) I am in love with this apron. Kevin said I should send my sister my old one and keep this one. Think my sister would mind? LOL!!! (Don't worry, I'm sending her the one I've made!)

Tammy L said...

Your apron is so cute!! :)