Thursday, August 12, 2010

~Chocolate Banana Bread~

We took advantage of Sam's Club "open house" last weekend and stopped in to do a little shopping. We didn't buy much, but bananas were 3 pounds/$.89 so I bought 12 pounds. I probably should have bought more! The ones we weren't able to eat right away I put in the freezer for baking and smoothies.

I also wanted to make banana bread and got it into my head to make chocolate banana bread. The nice thing about is that pretty much anything you can think there will be a recipe for! So I just went and looked and sure enough there were several chocolate banana bread recipes.

I used this one here, with several modifications. I used coconut oil in place of margarine, decreased the sugar to 3/4 cup, and used half whole wheat flour, half white flour. So while it still isn't super-healthy food by any means, I feel it is a little better. This particular recipe has three bananas in one loaf, so it makes a super moist bread, even with using whole wheat flour.


jennifer King said...

Sounds yummy. I think banana breads and zucchini breads are great places to substitute some or all flour for whole wheat. You don't taste the difference!

Anonymous said...

Your bread looks so yummy! We also took advantage of the "free" Sam's weekend and picked up a pair of tennis shoes for my husband. I'm not so sure I could shop there regularly as there were no less than 20 things I wanted but did not need!

Kim said...

Have you seen banana ice cream? You just freeze the fresh bananas in chunks and once frozen whiz up in the blender or food processor - it's supposed to be quite good.