Saturday, September 11, 2010

~Etsy Shop Notes~

I wanted to share a few newer things I have in my shop:

Crochet-Edged Socks

Jungle Animals Receiving Blanket Set

I actually have a few more things ready to list, I just haven't listed them. I should get on that. ;-)

I recently discovered Alchemy on Etsy. There are several ways it can work. As a buyer, you can request a specific item from a specific shop. Or you can request a specific item on the main section of Alchemy, and Etsy crafters will place bids. The buyer chooses which Etsy crafter they wish to make their item, and then the item is made.

Here is my first (and only) completed Alchemy item: Bookmarks. I learned several things from doing this, and I was glad that it was a small order. First, I learned that once the person has accepted your bid for work, to reword the bid. This will be your final listing description, and as you can see, mine isn't worded very well. Secondly, I ended up using two patterns that I was unfamiliar with. It all ended up fine, but the patterns were free patterns online and they weren't written correctly. It took longer than I expected to make each bookmark. And lastly, I learned to take note of where the item is being shipped before placing my bid. Only after I had been paid did I realize that my item was being shipped to the UK, so of course it cost more than I had anticipated! I was thankful that the person who I was working with was very patient. This was my first Alchemy bid and I wasn't sure how things worked, so I was figuring things out as I went. With anyone less patient, things could have gotten a little hairy! I did make a profit, though I believe I could have made a little more had I been aware of the time involved and the postage necessary.

If you make and sell custom items such as soaps, children's items, sewn items, jewelry, or graphic design, and are looking for a little extra money, I encourage you to give Alchemy a try!

The second thing I have become aware of is tagging. Each item you list can have up to 14 different tags. I read this article and learned to use all 14 tags. I went back through each of my items and retagged them. In just one week I have had 73 more views to my shop! And I only have a few items in my shop right now! It hasn't resulted in any sales yet, but I have definitely had more traffic than I had with the fewer tags.

I really like Etsy. I haven't had a lot of spending money to buy from Etsy sellers, but I enjoy looking through all the wonderful handmade goodness, and when I can afford a little something I enjoy shopping at Etsy! I haven't been a serious seller either, I just haven't found my "groove" yet, I guess! Anything in particular you'd like to see in my shop?


Melody said...

Tammy, I just wanted to say how much I love the socks you made Miss A. They're so pretty. I'm going to have to have you make more soon though - her little feet are so fat that these won't fit much longer.

You did a wonderful job on them though!!

Tammy said...

Melody, I'm glad you're enjoying the socks. I have socks in the next size up, and I just checked them--they are longer and wider. Just let me know when you're ready for me to start working on them. :-)

Susan said...

I've done several Alchemy orders, and those customers have been great. Most people are pretty patient, I've found. Beth also stalks Alchemy, because someone always needs jewelry! She has done quite a few (don't know for sure how many) custom orders, and has had great customers too.

I just love those little socks! I hope they are or will sell well for you.

Kristi said...

Tammy, I just love the socks. They're too precious!


Tammy said...

Susan, I subscribed to the Alchemy feed in my google reader. Still not sure that's the best idea but I can quickly scroll through the requests and see if there is anything I'm interested in. Right now there are a lot of Halloween costume requests!

Thank you, Kristi!