Wednesday, September 29, 2010

~Skirt Refashion~

One of my sisters gave our daughter this skirt:

It was really cute but it was too short. She only got to wear it a few times, and as I was putting away the summer clothes I was going to put the skirt in with the other clothes and then I had the thought of adding a ruffle.

So I got out my scrap bin and decided on a red plaid. I cut two strips, sewed the seams and hemmed it. For the top, I pressed it under about 1/2" and sewed one row of basting stiches.

I didn't cut the skirt, I just pulled the basting stiches and pinned the ruffle in place. I sewed right over the basting stitches.

Ta-da! A simple and quick project!

I had planned on making this during the Kids Clothes Sewing Challenge Week, but it didn't happen.


Charity said...

Very cute. What a great way to extend the "life" of her clothes! :) I'll have to remember that idea for someday! :)

Sarah said...

Love it!