Monday, September 20, 2010

~Paint Project~

We had one room remaining in our house which we hadn't painted yet: the bathroom. It's a little tricky, because the claw foot tub is too close to the wall to paint around, yet the wall surrounding the tub needed to be painted, because you can see it. So we've lived here for five years and just left it "blah white".

Here's a before/during shot, which shows the tub disconnected from the wall, and the color of the paint.

And the finished room, looking in from the door:

Looking to the left:

Looking to the right:

At first I wasn't thrilled with the paint color but it's really grown on me. :-) We discussed painting the bathroom a bolder color but decided with a neutral so that we don't have to paint again any time soon!

Oh, and I want to say I'm so proud of Kevin for doing all the plumbing work of detaching and attaching the tub himself! :-) He did a great job with the paint job too!


Joyce's Ramblings said...

It looks great. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

it's hard to tell in the picture, but what color is it exactly? a yellowish? I love color...but you've been to my house so you know that. :)

I was realizing the other day that we've lived in our house for five years too. It's the longest place we've lived together. I thought all this as I realized that the walls are dusty! I need to clean them. bleh

Tammy said...

Rebecca, it's a tan color, though it does have gold undertones which can make it look yellowish.

This house is the longest place Kevin and I have lived together too! :-)