Tuesday, May 31, 2011

~Green Grocery Bag~

A while back I purchased Keyka Lou's Grocery Bag pattern. I really liked the pattern, and some of my reusable grocery bags are getting worn out. I've been using the same reusable grocery bags for 3+ years now, so I guess it's about time to start replacing some of them!

I used two vintage pillowcases to make my bag. Squee!

I thrifted the green outer fabric and was given the inside fabric. Not counting the pattern, this bag cost just over $1 to make! It's green (in color), green (earth friendly), and didn't cost too much green (cash) to make. ;-) Green just might be my new favorite color! Haha.

It is shorter (much shorter) than my other grocery bags. The checker didn't want to put it on the bag holder for some reason, but I tested it and it fit nicely. She packed my produce in it, which I must say works really well for for its size. When the checkers use plastic bags, they put a measly two or three things in each bag. When you have reusable bags they think you have super powers or something and stuff them full. Which isn't always the best if your grapes are at the bottom. Just saying.

I have plans to make more of these, but I'm going to fiddle with the pattern a little and make them a smidge taller.


robinhood said...

Luv it! Great idea and lots of potential for fun colors and patterns! Luv you

robinhood said...

The first comment is from Mrs robinhood otherwise known as Nanaluv.

Susan said...

I love it! Especially that you made it for so little! I use mine all the time - seems to be almost indestructible.

Ashley W said...

Adorable and such a great idea. I might have to give that a try. All mine are old and really ugly (but they were free:-)!

emerrube said...

yeah, what is with stores only putting 2-3 items in the plastic bags? they can hold much more than that usually. oh well. usually we are good at bringing our own bags, but sometimes we forget. oops. but we use the plastic ones for garbage bags. and cute bag!