Thursday, May 19, 2011


The other day I checked my spam box and I had an intersting email. Usually I don't open spam emails but this one looked interesting. I know, I should be more careful with spam, BUT I didn't click on any links!

Oh dear!
My credit card was going to be suspended unless I provided them with:
account number
my full name
social security number
mother's maiden name
and on and on - basically all the information you would need to do whatever you wanted with anyone's finances

What to do but give them all that information delete the email? Seriously, does anyone fall for this? They must because why would crooks still be trying???


Charity said...

Funny!! Sad thing is people do fall for things....

emerrube said...

people must. I think it's sad that people prey on others like this.

Anonymous said...

Or what about the ones that say they live in a foreign country and have a large sum of money they want to share with you but can't get to it. If you will just give them $1-2,000 to help them gain access to the money they will share it with you. And they say they are Christians too. Yeah, right.

randi said...

i get similiar emails from "paypal. unfortunately i think that lots of people still hand over their info. :(

Julieann said...

Love those emails! Especially since I don't even own a credit card...LOL.

Tammy, I have to tell you, I was on vacation last month, and as I was looking at past emails, I saw a comment from you while I was in Georgia!! I didn't see it until recently, AHHHH. Anyway, thank you so much for the nice comment, and I am so sorry it took me this long to see it.

I always hold your blog dear, it was the first one I read and ever commented on back in the day.

I may not comment as much I would like too, but I still visit your wonderful blog:)

Happy Monday.