Thursday, October 20, 2011

~Birthday Cake~

Have you ever made yourself a birthday cake? I never have, but I'm considering it this year. I'm vascillating between these two cakes:


Which do you think you'd make?


Deb said...

Chocolate without fail. The top picture is beautiful. No, there are enough women in the kitchen at my house that I don't have to make my own...I'm not looking forward to the day that I just might have to make my own! (It will be a Peter Paul Mounds Cake...totally yummy if you like coconut!)

Krista said...

They both sounds great! But I'd go with he first!

Anonymous said...

It`s a no-brainer for me-the first one for sure!! Betty from Texas

Magical colouring said...

They both seem very good.
May be making the second one is more difficult.
See you soon

Arlene said...

I'd make the chocolate one (mainly because that's the chocolate cake recipe I always always always use now and it turns out great every single time). The frosting sounds really yummy, too, so that's a bonus. You could make them both and invite all your friends over... then you'll have enough for everyone. :o)

Magical colouring said...

Yes, Arlene has a very good idea. You could make them both if you have time enough.
See you soon

Sue said...

Happy Birthday, Tammy! Which cake did you make? :)

Mrs. U said...

I LOVE to make my own birthday desserts!! Mr. U feels bad about it but I have continually reassured him that I LOOOOVE to bake so it is FUN for me to make a cake that "I" want- not just one to please the whole family. One year I even made Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls as my birthday dessert!! LOL!!

This year? I'm leaning toward