Wednesday, October 12, 2011

~Buttons Memories~

I love buttons. Buttons and swatches of fabric can bring back a flood of memories for me!

I recently went through my button jar to pull out a button for a project. The button was from an outfit my grandma made me for my 11th birthday. Somehow I ended up with three of the buttons in my button jar.

Here's my outfit:

I thought I was sooooo grown up!

When I got this outfit, my grandma lived in Ohio at the time and she flew in the night before my sister was born, which was the day after my birthday. My grandma's luggage got lost so the next day she wore my dad's bathrobe while she waited for her luggage to be found and delivered. She commented that she had my birthday present in her luggage, so my little 11-year-old heart fervently desired for her luggage to be found, and soon. Naturally, I was concerned about my present. The luggage was eventually delivered, and I sat on the bed and opened my gift, with my mom and baby sister right there. My grandma had made me two outfits - two jumpers and two blouses which were mix and match. I loved those outfits so much, and the fact that I could wear either blouse with either jumper! One of the blouses had little square buttons, and I loved those buttons so much. In the picture above you can see them if you click to make the picture larger.

I made my daughter a hair clip to go with her new pink jumper, and sewed the button in the middle:

If my grandma were still alive and in good health, I know she would make my daughter special dresses. But she taught me how to sew, and so I sew for my daughter using the skills she taught me. It was fun to use a button from something my grandma made for me, for my daughter.


Charity said...

Such a sweet story! :) I love buttons and have a jar of my grandmother's buttons. I have a hard time using them though... I guess I just want to keep them in the family! :)

Sarah said...

Love the history of the "button". Reminds me of the Grandma's Attic series...the button basket that the kids loved to play with and hear stories related to each button.

Susan said...

I loved reading the story behind the button on your daughter's headband, and I loved seeing the pic of you as a little girl! I had some buttons of my Grandma's once, that were still on the card as she bought them, but I don't have them anymore. I wish I'd kept them now!

Joyce's Ramblings said...

Your grandmother gave you such a wonderful gifts; the love of sewing and the ability to do it.

Our Family said...

You look so cute Tammy!